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Design Tips and Cosmetic Packaging

The beauty and cosmetics industry are one of those few that have great potential to develop constant and loyal customers. The packaging of their products is a decoration in people’s bathroom cabinets; most women and some men use creams, lotions, and makeup to pamper themselves, feel confident, and look better.

This means that, within the industry, competing with other brands is hard work because there are also those that are recognized and reliable, however, packaging is the best way to stand out from the competition and can capture the attention of the consumer.

Then the packaging is important because it will be the letter of presentation of the product, it is a crucial element of the company, also the first thing the customer sees, so if the packaging is attractive and effective enough, the more likely it is that someone will take it to you. home to try it and become a client that if it is a product is good it will also recommend it.

Now the best tips to design a package that creates impact and need in new customers so that they add this product to their shopping cart, so that when they try it, they can enjoy the benefits it offers.

The design must be simple

Maintaining a minimalist and elegant design will avoid any confusion for the consumer, that is, the packaging must be clear enough to convey the fair information that the customer needs to know the product. People remember something they saw because of its color, shape, symbol and last words.

Pastel colors and minimalism are a winning combination as these colors soften the simplicity that makes the design look tough, a clean and minimalist packaging will ensure a modern and adult design.

Laminated or scented containers

An aesthetic appeal is the laminated and coated containers, which complement each other very well when textures and aromas are added. However, the progressive interest in the preservation of the environment has led to the increase in the replacement of aluminum laminated containers with packages made with plasticized metallic films. So, this is a fact to take into account to add value to your packaging by making it ecological.

The change from rigid to flexible formats produces important benefits, such as lower production costs that are reflected even in the final cost to the consumer, less contamination, greater ease of transportation, among others.

Luxurious effect

Gold or silver foil stamps can be used to add a luxurious effect to the packaging of your product, this can convey the quality feeling of the product that will later represent the brand. The aluminum seals are very striking, pleasing to the eye and have the ability to give a touch of superiority to the product.

It can also be used as a visual way of classifying products, since many times these colors are chosen to associate the recommended age to use it, or for the amount of benefits and vitamins it contains, for example. The packaging that is mainly black looks luxurious and has an air of mystery and freshness, choosing an elegant monochrome design, the packaging will never go out of style.

Haptic or tactile appeal

The printed design gets more strength and complexity when another dimension is added to the brand’s message and graphics. It is attractive to involve more than one sense in the process of discovering a new product, just as it happens when including an aroma, a texture or relief influencing the decision of the buyers.

Use of illustrations

What differentiates all brands is their history and image, it is also the medium with which they attract an audience that shares the values ​​and the mission they propose, so it is essential that this trajectory is reflected in the packaging.

With the correct illustrations at first glance you will be able to know the product and the company behind it, will allow you to get a general idea by association that will then lead the customer to take an interest in taking the packaging to read it, in other words, to investigate and test the product.

Logo protagonist

The brand logo can be emphasized while maintaining a minimalist design, also using a simple and elegant typeface in conjunction with a creatively worked space. This method works because a package that has been worked correctly so that few items are explained efficiently, gives the feeling that the product is of such good quality that it does not need to give too much information to sell.

Ecological packaging options.

Organic packaging is increasingly demanded by consumers, it represents the way in which responsible companies reduce waste by using different biodegradable materials to reduce environmental pollution.

A package also has the function of giving identity to the product it contains. If it is made with ecological materials, it becomes an effective selling point for new generations of consumers aware of environmental issues.

Create an experience

Nowadays, more humanized and slower, consumers are looking for more than a product, a result, an emotion and an experience. In marketing strategies are being used to satisfy this need and, in a package, it is possible to apply it.

The products can be packaged so that the time of unpacking is satisfactory and exciting, this can be achieved, for example by organizing the products with cardboard inserts for a better visual experience or including the instructions with a good design. You can also use tissue paper and add a thank you note that suggests that the customer follow the brand on social networks.

Premium packaging

A brand that provides products of the best quality, must maintain a uniform global approach, including their packaging, these must be unique, that is, those luxurious and good quality boxes will attract attention in addition to reflecting the status of the brand and of the product.

In summary, the material and design of a package, as well as the way in which the product is wrapped, are fundamental to the image of a brand and attention must be paid to transmit the correct message, achieving the attention of the consumer at the same time as provide you with the necessary information so that you know the product and the brand.

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