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Purposes of Cosmetic Packaging

The cosmetics, makeup and beauty industry in general remains mainly within the retail market, its products are displayed on counters and shelves to be displayed. To establish a competitive advantage, a cosmetic and makeup item must convey beauty at first sight. Just as you must communicate how the product is used in a correct way.

The demand for packaging of articles is continuously increasing proportionally as the number of consumers of beauty products increases, on the other hand, packaging companies have to be constantly innovating and adapting to safer and modern solutions, attracting buyers with new strategies to get them interested in the product. As a consequence, the industry focuses on the production of customized retail packaging for the following reasons.

• Cost effective packaging

For cosmetic companies it is important to produce low cost, good quality packaging for the retail market. The choice of material will depend on the requirements of the item to be carried and the customer who is going to purchase it, however, it is important to optimize the packaging design to achieve the desired result with the lowest possible cost, because if the production of it has a high price will be reflected in the final price of the product on the counter.

• Marketing and branding

The display boxes have in addition to their natural function, that of being a marketing tool for the brand. Customers finally recognize the logos and names of the big brands that have an established identity, they are sure that the product they are buying is reliable and works.

The name and logo are not only recognized in a store but on the packaging of each product in its arsenal, gift bags, shipping boxes, that is, the packaging itself is massively advertising the brand for free and efficient.

• Ecological packaging

Consumers demand that the container of the product they are going to use is natural, organic and ecological, this in order to protect both the product and the skin or hair of the consumer, since an artificial material could spoil both. For this reason, the retail display boxes are being produced with this type of materials that, above all, is friendly to the environment.

•The correct size

Each beauty product needs packaging that adapts to its shape, volume and size, since each item is different, so will its container. This container must be able to carry the product correctly and allow it to appear consistently attractive.

 The fact that the wrapping is adequate is a determining factor that guarantees the consumer that the product indeed works, is of good quality and was produced with effort, thus increasing the probability that they will choose and buy the product.

•Fashion designs

The design of the cosmetic container should be practical, artistic, memorable and evoke some emotion. Color is an important aspect; however, the designs should be more eye-catching than the messages printed on the package. Aesthetics is the main aspect of the purchase process, since it is usually the first impression that initiates the interest that is concluded in a purchase. Consumers will eventually judge quality after purchase and on utility.

Another reason that care should be taken with the aesthetics of the packaging is that the product should stand out in other store displays. Consumers need to instantly recognize the item and not be distracted by the multitude of other messages and advertisements that invite them to make a purchase.

Protection and security

It is essential for a product to pass from the manufacturer to the supply chain and from it to the customer safely. At each stage of the process, shipping or storing, the product must remain in perfect condition or it will be registered as a lost sale or return. The packaging helps protect the product throughout the process, especially if it is made of glass or other noble materials.

• Psychology

Neuromarketing studies have shown how the connection between stimuli and human behavior is established. It is possible to discover what attracts people to make purchases. Psychological manipulation is the science of persuasion, which is based on how individuals respond to various stimuli such as social influence, information, attitudes, preparedness and scarcity.

On the other hand, the color test is important to explore the emotional reaction of individuals to certain colors, tones and combinations. As the results of these tests will vary for each person surveyed, what these researchers investigate are the trends that are most repeated.

Transmitting information

One of the important elements of the packaging is the message that the labels transmit to the users. The most effective labels drive customers to buy the product, but also influence how each person uses, stores, recycles, or disposes of the product. These indications must be clearly communicated on the labels.

Some products require more information than others. Pharmaceuticals and medicines are examples of items where people want to read ingredients before buying. Some people are allergic to specific ingredients, while others try to avoid questionable chemicals and use organic products.

Since a store has many items that span multiple product categories, it’s important that one beauty product stands out from the rest. Cosmetics in the first instance are popular, they are not of basic necessity, therefore, they must be attractive to be acquired.

Packaging works when it provides a suitable solution to the functionality, size and shape of the product. The exterior must provide useful information and very attractive images that remain in the customer’s memory. To access more useful information about packaging beauty items visit our blog again.

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