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6 Answers to consider why cosmetic packaging

Cosmetic packaging is a very important topic and one that needs to be paid close attention, because its operation is based on protecting and protecting the product from possible imperfections during handling, transport, application and storage. They are mainly substances or compounds that are in contact with the health and integrity of the human being.

 It is important that all the packaging of cosmetic products contain the detailed composition of the product, as well as its ingredients, because chemical substances can cause allergies to some people. Likewise, if the product has a short shelf life, the expiry date must be specified, as is the case with natural and organic products.

It is evident that the design of a package must be carried out in detail and fulfill a series of requirements so that it fulfills the functions that the client requires to have a good experience and perception of the product, this article sets out the questions that must be considered at the moment of designing a package.

1. What product do you send?

Each article has specific established requirements to keep it in excellent condition and maintain its properties for a long time and, above all, that it does not spoil during its handling, transport and storage. Other aspects to take into account at this point is the net weight of the product, the material, its physical state (liquid, gel, creamy, solid).

2. What shipping service are you using?

The company that makes the shipment and transport of the product may require specific shipping requirements or meet basic quality standards depending on the service, it must be taken into account that these rules are governed by security codes that allow shipping to be carried out correctly.  These requirements may be specific if the product is fragile or liquid. As each shipping company has its own specific rules, it is good to be informed with each one when choosing the best one for the product.

3. Is the product fragile?

Fragile and delicate products require additional packaging, likewise glass, porcelain, plastic containers, among other breakable materials, you need numerous layers of protection that also include waterproof materials, preventing or reducing wear during shipping. It is important to keep in mind for the elaboration and design of the packaging the fragility of the product it contains, to investigate the most suitable materials and the methods that protect the product.

4. What is the ideal box size?

Each product will require a specific size and a suitable shape, which is easy to handle and manipulate, while fulfilling its basic packaging function. It is also necessary to analyze the products of direct competition and study the way in which they are presented to the market.

The size of the container must be the most optimal to reduce the empty space inside, also this allows to increase the profitability of the product in the long term.

4. Will temperatures damage the product?

The cosmetic product can be affected by the weather and the time of year it is shipped, high temperatures can spoil the product, it can even melt due to heat, so the response of the product to radical changes in temperatures must be considered to take the appropriate precautions when planning the transport and packaging of the cosmetic product.

5. Are the materials friendly to the environment?

Companies are tending to choose packaging that can be recycled, reused, and protects the ozone layer, reducing waste of raw materials to reduce environmental impact. It is an aspect that is also demanded by the public that increasingly identifies with these initiatives.

6. Selection of suitable packaging materials

The material chosen to make the packaging must go through sanitary and quality controls through pressure and vacuum tests. The most widely used materials in the packaging sector are plastic, paper, cardboard, aluminum and glass.

It will depend on the product and the focus that is given to the customer experience. Envelopes, boxes or bags of various sizes and colors can be designed.

Other packaging materials such as bubble wrap may be required to prevent things from moving in the box and spoiling.

Foam packaging is an excellent alternative if you plan to create a viewing experience when the packaging is opened. It is mainly used to hold items in place.

Another technique that is used for packaging is empty filling when it is necessary to fill the empty space in the packaging, so that the content does not jerk when shaken.

The packing tape allows to correctly seal and close the packaging to keep the product in the box. There are several types of ribbons that adapt to each need and can even have the logo printed or be a certain color to maintain the personality of the brand.

It is important to stand out from the competition by means of the packaging, because it offers a general perception to the customer about the brand and the product at first glance, you must be detailed and dedicate yourself to the image and properties of the wrapper at the same level as that of the product to build customer loyalty so that they can continue acquiring the product and trusting the brand.

It is clear that the materials, colors and size of the container influence the customer experience, such as packaging in general, the surprise factor must be planned, giving the consumer the recognition and appreciation, they deserve for preferring the product, avoiding inconveniences or nonconformities with the product. product.

In the cosmetics industry as in many others, the packaging and the way in which the product is received is the letter of introduction and the most important marketing campaign that a company has to grow and be recognized, it is important to represent the identity and personality in the wraps. For more information about packaging focused on cosmetics and beauty products, about its design, materials and production, visit our showroom in USJ, Selangor.

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