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K-Beauty – On The Korean Beauty Trend with Mypackaging’s sharing

Koreans have a reputation for being very demanding in beauty and the results they get with their beauty routines are really good.

The current global trend of Korean beauty has been forged in local labor and as part of his country’s economic uprising, the history of the Korean cosmetics industry dates back to the 1970s during the dictatorship of General Park Chung Hee which banned the importation of foreign cosmetics. During the 1980s the industry developed mainly as a result of the great economic growth that South Korea experienced

The ideal of beauty in Korea remains the white skin that is associated with the upper class and is a symbol of social distinction. The main concern of Koreans is skin hydration, among adolescents combating the effects of oily skin and acne, and among women over 40 years of age combating blemishes and wrinkles. For the same reason, sunscreens and other sun-blocking products are highly prized.

Approximately one third of Koreans have dry, mixed skin and in less fat or normal proportion It is therefore that the foundations use whitish tones that give luminosity to the face and hide the imperfections of pigmentation. That aesthetic has evolved into what we now call the “glass skin” that describes a luminous, translucent appearance of the skin of the face.

His ritual consists of more and no less than 10 steps, and has caused a real impact in the West. These steps are:

OIL CLEANER: The first thing to do is clean your face thoroughly with an oil cleaner. This will remove makeup easily without irritating the skin and also eliminates fat and traces of sun protection. It is applied to the skin and massaged gently until we have removed all the makeup and we place special emphasis on the areas where we have the oiliesest skin, such as the nose. Then we rinse with cold water.

FOAM CLEANER: Double cleansing is key for Koreans, as it ensures that the skin is completely clean and ready for the next step. The foam cleaner removes anything that may have been left in the pores, including the remains of the previous cleaner. It’s a deeper cleansing that will leave your face shiny and purified.

EXFOLIATING: Exfoliating is a critical part of the process. The exfoliator gets rid of dead skin cells and shows new, younger, brighter cells. You have to treat this step very carefully, as it is easy to obsess about the results and do it in excess, which can damage our skin and make it more sensitive. It should only be done 2 or 3 times a week and we must make sure to choose a specific product for the face.

TONICO: The tonic deeply moisturizes our skin and stimulates the absorption of nutrients. This makes everything we apply afterwards have a complete effect, as the skin will absorb it ten times better than if we do not apply this product before. Korean tonics, moreover, have nothing to do with those we’ve seen here for a decade, which are usually cleaners and some even contain alcohol.

ESSENCES: It is difficult to understand the purpose of the essence and there are those who skip this step, using only the tonic. Precisely, the reason for using the essence after the tonic is that it is one of the most important steps of this ritual. The essence is a kind of hybrid between tonic and serum that deeply nourishes your face as it prepares it for what comes next. It is applied by patting the face, without massaging.

SERUM: is the treatment part of the beauty routine. There are thousands of serums for every need: dry skin, sensitive skin, anti-wrinkle, anti-stain, acne; your choice is according to your needs or one that thoroughly hydrates and prevents age signs valid for all skin types.

MASK: Masks are the official flag of Korean cosmetics. There, women use between 4 and 7 each week, practically one a day, they are a highly effective moisturizing treatment and their results are visible as soon as they are used. Its use makes the difference between a carefully manicured skin and a beautiful and shiny skin. The best thing is that they tend to be very low priced, so you can try different types and brands every day until you find your favorites.

EYE CREAM: The eye contour is an extremely delicate area that requires specific products. In fact, in many of the facial products we use daily, they tell us that we shouldn’t use them near the eyes. In this area the skin is thinner and that makes it more likely to wrinkle and dry. Koreans apply eye contour creams by massaging very lightly with the ring finger, to make as little pressure as possible, and their favorite creams contain ingredients related to snail, rich in hyaluronic acid, elastin and proteins.

HYDRATANT CREAM: it’s the last step of the routine when you do it at night. Korean girls use it by applying it to the face by stroking it from bottom to top, a movement they say improves skin elasticity and prevents the appearance of jowl. If you prefer to use a gel or oil, use it by gently massaging the skin and doing a little pressure with the palm of your hand, applying heat to the skin, so that the pores open and the absorption is optimal.

SOLAR PROTECTION: It’s very important and Koreans know it. Sun exposure can cause wrinkles, blemishes and lentigos in addition to damaging and drying our skin, maintaining totally healthy and clear skin is paramount and its sun creams have very high protection, in addition to anti-pollution ingredients that protect it from the polluting agents of the city’s air. It must be applied at least 20 minutes before leaving and home and renewed every two hours.

Every day more women join this custom, because it allows you to see results in a very short time and, once you know what effect each step has on your own skin, you can subtract or add steps as you see each day. If you found this article interesting and you need to know more about the beauty industry all around the world visit our showroom gallery for beauty tips and cosmetic packaging. Contact: mypackaging/contacts