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The Importance of Packaging & Branding in Marketing

To create an efficient and successful brand personality, the brand and packaging must be strategically designed, both intervene in the marketing process, being very important aspects when attracting and maintaining loyal customers, that is, that the public identifies with the Business values. They are also the first instance to highlight the business of the competition

The packaging of beauty products, in addition to fulfilling their protection function for transport, must be immediately pleasing to the eye, as they are the main facade of the product and the company, so it will influence the buyer’s choice, therefore, they cannot be overlooked. In fact, it is the same packages that are evaluated by marketing experts to study the customer’s reaction to seeing the product.

Some aspects to take into account when designing a package that represents the product, is consistent with the personality of the brand and at the same time is attractive to the consumer are:

• Visual aesthetics

The most influential brands on the market keep their identity, colors and logos forceful. Having a brand implies establishing an attractive personality so that it can be recognized or identifiable by the consumer and mainly to differentiate itself from the competition. For this reason, the design must be well thought out without constantly changing it radically.

The way a product is packaged may be what causes the buyer to look at the product, as it is displayed in stores. Extensive research can be carried out on color combinations, also applying its psychology, as well as the designs and types of product packaging that may be more attractive for the intended consumption.

A package within a marketing mix, as Phillipe Devismes has said, within a market-technology relationship must offer security, functionality, induction, among other values. You must also sell yourself, being attractive and informative. Reflects the truth of the product contained within and transmits the benefits of it to the consumer, it must communicate to the audience through its design, layout, typography, color, the advantages and benefits it offers. You can also create an entire experience when the uncertainty of the content and involve all the senses in the unpacking process.

• Packaging

An efficient strategy to differentiate yourself and excel in a competitive market, is planning the development of the product as an experience, the intention is to positively surprise the client, you must be a retailer with the intention of involving the client so that he feels satisfied with the quality of the product so that it ends up identifying and loyalty with the brand. Of course, the functions and properties should not be neglected for what a packaging works in principle.

Packaging is a representation of the overall image of the company. Companies that offer expensive and luxurious products must elegantly package these products in equally sophisticated wraps, in the case of simpler and cheaper products, an attractive design can also be achieved at a low cost so as not to compromise the final cost of the product, however , is an added value that benefits the company. Consistency in brand and packaging encourages brand recognition.

The packages can be personalized in different ways, by placing the logo on it, on the other hand, it is a form of advertising induced on the street when bags and boxes with the logo or brand name circulate, it works as a recognition mechanism of the brand, especially when the logo is very complex.

Packaging also plays an important role in providing the necessary information about the product it contains. The outer packaging may contain instructions on how to use the product or do so.

It is recommended that the ingredients and nutritional information on the product are also visible on the packaging. This information influences the product sales process, as it allows potential customers to obtain the information necessary to make a purchase decision. The graphic or written information contained in a package can enable the reader to purchase the product without having to consult a store employee.

The packaging also allows to differentiate one brand of products from the others. Because the product packaging can contain company names, logos and company colors, maintaining the image and personality established by the brand, this helps consumers to be able to identify the product, since it is among the products of competition in stores.

The buyer can recognize the brand of the company, which drives him to buy the product if he has enough confidence in it and if, on the other hand, he has made a good marketing campaign around the company. If the packaging tends to change constantly and radically, the perception of the company’s brand can be altered, making it difficult and delays the sales process because the customer will acquire the product when they are able to identify it again with the new image.

It is about reinterpreting the functions of a package and giving it a much more artisan, personalized and detailed interpretation. Tell a story while exposing the intelligent selection process of each element that makes it up.

Nowadays the design of the packaging, the way of packaging and the brand are essential to promote a product, they must be consistent and have consistency and also be thought of on the consumer’s side, investigate what pleases them the most, allowing them to identify with the brand and become a loyal customer over time. It is very useful to differentiate yourself from the competition and be easily recognized.

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