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Packaging Is Like Theaters where Creates A Story

“The packaging must be theatre; I should create a story” Steve Jobs understood this very well. Because it’s this story that shapes our emotional connection to a product. And it’s this emotional connection that’s so vital in the retail world

Steve Jobs, known for his attention to the smallest detail, felt firmly that the packaging traditionally used for mobile phones was too bulky and inappropriate; but Steve wanted to engage the consumer emotionally and also wanted Apple to stand out in its packaging in the crowd in what we all know is an extremely competitive industry.

Packaging can play a big role, especially since it can be used in favor of promotion and sale, attract attention and differentiate it from others; it is a fundamental part of the product, because in addition to containing, protecting or preserving the product allows it to reach the final consumer in optimal conditions, it is a powerful tool of promotion and sale.

There is an old saying that “packaging is the product” so it is advisable that different areas of the company participate in that task: marketing, logistics, production, finance, legal area, among others.

In these e-commerce days, many of us no longer have direct contact with our customers. We never know them face to face and they never enter our store, attracted by beautiful storefronts and the friendly and open smiles of a sales assistant, the well-equipped floor or the feel of our products. Faced with an endless online choice, it might probably be necessary to say that we need to appeal to our customers’ emotions more than ever. So, you need the next steps the best packaging

Study laws and regulations. To do this, you can make inquiries in chambers of commerce, associations of your industry and government entities. In no way should you design a package, let alone send it to produce without being clear to this point, because it could lead to losses, complaints, fines and other penalties that could damage the image of the product and the company.

Then know what the customer expects, what are their expectations, how the product wants in their hands, how you would like to keep it or preserve it, what function you would like to fulfill the packaging after the product is purchased, what shapes, sizes, colors and smells catch your attention.

Find a way to differentiate yourself from the competition. To do this, account must be taken of current laws or regulations, customer suggestions and packaging characteristics of competing products; to that way, find the critical factor of differentiation. It is necessary to perform an effective process to synthesize the value of the attributes and benefits of what you want to make known marking in a different size packaging clearly and concisely; as well as the ingredients, some promotion or certain characteristics of the product that is important that the customer knows. This is important to do so that you can differentiate yourself from the other competitors

Distribution and Shipping. Your views and suggestions need to be known about such important aspects as transportation, storage, handling and other distribution-related issues. Imagine having the ideal packaging from a legal point of view, from the customer and also having a clear differential advantage over its competitors, but that the distribution channel refuses to distribute it because it is very laborious and expensive to transport, store and manipulate it

While doing all of the above, calculations must be made of the cost of the packaging to determine its feasibility or to make any adjustments that are necessary, but without losing sight of the functions that the packaging must comply with, the laws or regulations in force, the requirements of the customers and the differentiator factor.

At all times, the option of using a package that misleads the customer, for example, with a size that implies that the quantity of the product is greater than that of the competitors, should be discarded. Customers will soon realize that situation and will feel they were deceived.

It is important to keep your products protected, when packing them you must also take into account their transfer as the package can travel by sea, air or land and in any case must be well packed, especially if it is a fragile product. Well-planned logistics can help you keep your packages in good condition, optimize costs, and improve the customer experience. Shipments should never be planned last minute.

Long-term thinking. Consider that customers will become familiar with the packaging design, so it won’t be very convenient to change design unless you have a reason that translates into greater value to the customer.

Seriously consider the care of the environment. Therefore, the packaging must be eco-friendly with the environment; for this, and in general terms, it must be easy to recycle and cause as little damage to the environment as possible.

So, think about your client, so don’t think of packaging as an expense, but as an investment that will return with benefits. Because if you stayed etched in your client’s mind with that beautiful packaging, it ensures that he will buy you a second, third, fourth, and many more times, so you have managed to retain it.

Notice that when your customer is at home, after making the purchase of your product, the next contact he has with your brand is when he opens the wrapper and if that wrapper is creative, beautiful, elegant; Seeing, tapping and opening the package will be a memorable and very enjoyable experience that will help you get future purchases.

There are many brands that care about having great packaging Why do they do so well? Not because they have the best products necessarily, but because they know that their packaging is more than bubble wrap and a cardboard box. It looks like a gift, instead of any other item. These details are important and differentiate them from their competitors. If you are already getting into the show of cosmetics and beauty industry, visit our showroom at USJ, Selangor. Map Here

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