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Malaysia Cosmetic Brands We are Proud

There are many popular companies and international brands that are in high demand for beauty and makeup products, however, numerous local Malaysian manufacturers offer their similar products of excellent quality as cosmetics made with native ingredients with very interesting properties. Some brands that will be discussed in this article are known, but others are not so excellent work and are worth mentioning.

Elianto is a brand that offers soft skin care products, enriched with nourishing and soothing botanical extracts, make color cosmetics that bring out the best in bright eyes, cheeks and lips. Its main objective is to offer consumers the best of nature in their cosmetics with natural ingredients of the best quality at a reasonable price.

Duck Cosmetics provides the best solutions to every beauty need using particular techniques and ingredients for hair treatments, lipsticks and face products. He has launched limited editions of his very interesting products to acquire and try to acquire the benefits of these exclusive products.

NITA Cosmetics she defines herself as funny, flamboyant and optimistic, it is the recommended cosmetic line for young women who want to add enthusiasm and color to their daily life. Each product is a reflection of every experience, adventure and journey of the creator and the character he has created behind the brand. Its product lines reflect the views and sensations of all the places you visit incorporating traditional NITA customs offers a wide range of hypoallergenic makeup products to suit all skin tones at an affordable price.

Simplysiti is a premium brand that has had the great opportunity to position itself together with the most popular international brands. Try to maintain local identity with global appeal. Characterized by a strong margin of product contribution and marketing in an overly competitive cosmetics and skin care market, many customers consider this brand to be the best Asian brand in cosmetics, skin care, fragrance and wellness.

Fame Cosmetics displays elegant and confident women, creating products for customers of all ages, races and genders. You can find mascara, lipsticks, eyeliner and many more that offer quick solutions for all beauty problems. Her philosophy is that makeup is power, projecting freedom to express yourself and the confidence required to achieve the goals.

SILKYGIRL offers a full range of high-quality color cosmetics that will meet the needs of the most demanding consumers in the urban and suburban markets. The personality of the SILKYGIRL brand is fun, young, colorful and oozes confidence. The brand’s main promise is delivered through the latest color trend and high-quality product specifications. It is also a leading distributor of cosmetics, hair color and personal care products. In Malaysia, its products are available in major pharmacies, personal care stores, department stores and hypermarkets.

Chique Cpsmetics produces different makeup items enriched mainly with shea butter, vitamin E, almond oil and other nutritious ingredients.

Velvet Vanity Cosmetics is a leading company in independent cosmetics made for everyone and for everyday use. They manufacture vegan products and are never tested on animals. They are committed and constantly strive to create accessible makeup products that are able to facilitate everyday life without compromising on quality. On the other hand, they capture their creativity and styles in everything they create.

SO. LEK Cosmetics is a cosmetic brand located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. It aims to give all its users and customers the new meaning of trust and also improve their beauty looking always flawless. To compete with the most famous brands on the market, they are committed to giving their best in terms of service, product quality and retaining affordable prices.

Orkid Cosmetics is a Halal & Vegan cosmetics brand that sets a global trend for cool children and conscious women. They provide affordable, non-toxic, skin-safe, halal and vegan cosmetics that are formulated using high quality imported ingredients from Japan and Europe and made with Kuala Lumpur products.

Forest Color Forest Colour is dedicated to the well-being and integral beauty through natural products. Its line is created based on products of the highest quality that are obtained from plants and collagen infusion that allows to have a healthier and rejuvenated skin. They specialize in the production of anti-aging cosmetics and skin beauty.

WUNDERBATH believes that the way to healthy skin should not be boring. All of its products are fully customizable so that customers can share the gift of great skin to their acquaintances. All your cosmetics are locally crafted with the highest quality, vegan, paraben-free ingredients, sulfates or unnecessary fillers.

Nurraysa is a brand of cosmetic products that maintains the clear objective of establishing a congregation business, is committed to providing guidance to stockists and agents, this brand is also an example to follow in terms of marketing and way of dissemination of products since it has managed to have many agencies and advertising media.

And the list continues, it is possible to find in Malaysia the perfect product that adapts to the needs of each particular consumer. Many other brands in this country include Beautyhearts, Glam x Beauty, Obsess Cosmetics, Sorfina Hal, Stage Cosmetics, CanCans Handmade, Zhuco among many others. The local talent of this country has no limits and can easily compete with its most famous competitors, it is a good idea to support these companies to grow and continue to expand around the world.

On the other hand, Malaysia is proven to be a country with many opportunities and open to this type of industry, it is possible to develop in this sector and succeed as long as it follows the path of these companies and innovates for greater recognition.            

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