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PET Jar 50ml to 250ml + Aluminium Cap – For Cosmetic Face Cream, Hair Products, Foot/Body Scrub Cream Packaging

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Product name : PET Bottle, Plastic Bottle, Cosmetic Bottle, Shower Gel Bottle, Body Skin Care Bottle, Beauty Bottle, Food Storage

Bottle Material : PET, Plastic

Colour Bottle : Amber, Frosted, Frosted White, Transparent

Head Material : Aluminium

Colour Cap : Black, Gold Silver

Volume : 50ml, 100ml, 150ml, 200ml, 250ml

Use : Cosmetic Face Cream, Hair Products, Foot/Body Scrub Cream Packaging, Cookies, Sauce, Dried Fruit, Nut, Jam, Honey, Etc

Notes :

*Product photos and physical products may be a bit different.

*Product photo size diagram is manual measurement, which may have 1-2cm different.

*Product pictures only provide data reference, everything is based on physical products.

If you have any questions, Please contact customer service, Thank you.

Weight 0.10 g
Dimensions 7.00 × 7.00 × 9.00 mm

50A+BL, 50A+G, 50A+S, 100A+BL, 100A+G, 100A+S, 150A+BL, 150A+G, 150A+S, 200A+BL, 200A+G, 200A+S, 250A+BL, 250A+G, 250A+S, 100F+BL, 100F+G, 100F+S, 150F+BL, 150F+G, 150F+S, 200F+BL, 200F+G, 200F+S, 250F+BL, 250F+G, 250F+S, 200FW+BL, 200FW+G, 200FW+S, 50T+BL, 50T+G, 50T+S, 100T+BL, 100T+G, 100T+S, 150T+BL, 150T+G, 150T+S, 200T+BL, 200T+G, 200T+S, 250T+BL, 250T+G, 250T+S

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